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You Train offer a portfolio of courses and workshops delivered by our team of qualified, competent and experienced tutors and facilitators. We are delighted to introduce:

Steve Williams (Group Director) 

Steve was born in Bangor, North Wales and grew up in seaside town of Colwyn Bay. He studied Management &Business at Llandrillo college and graduated with a BA Honours. He also became the Student Union President between 2008 – 2010 and was awarded for his service as one of the  most effective presidents in the history of the college.

He then set up Horizon Creative Marketing, a very successful marketing and PR consultancy in Colwyn Bay. He became a Colwyn Bay Town Councillor in May 2012 and is very active in promoting the local area and dealing with local issues.

In January 2013 he became a Welsh Government Business Mentor and will be assisting Welsh companies with his business and marketing knowledge to help them to develop into strong businesses for the future of the Conwy area. Steve has experience in delivering He also set up a Production company called AngryFish Productions and produced a one-man play called Talk tackling the taboo which was based on the stigma attached to depression and in 2013 set up AngryFish Management and represented actor Bruce Jones and various other celebrities in the world of entertainment.

June 2015 – Present Steve is now the Group Director of  Carbon Zero which includes You Train


Diane YoudaleHealth & Wellbeing Trainer and Facilitator

Diane has been a member of the National Youth Theatre, The National Youth Dance Company and has worked for many TV & theatre companies, including the BBC (plus radio Broadcast), ITV, Sky, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.

She rose to fame in her role as the darling ‘Jet’ in the successful 90’s television show ‘The Gladiators’, wowing audiences and winning both challenges and new fans. After leaving the show Diane continued with roles in theatre, presenting and broadcasting.

Shortly after this period, Diane ventured into the new challenge of teaching, retaining the disciplines of Physical Education, Dance and A Level General Studies.

This precipitated her return to a long and sustained period of studying as she worked towards qualifying for the title of Counsellor / Psychotherapist (BACP) and NLP Master Practitioner Coach.

The latter deals with neuro-technologies to improve conscious performance in our behaviours, new territory in the world of growth and behavioural change for enhanced performance and wellbeing.

To this day, Diane uses her impressive knowledge, training and life experience to help and develop other people. She works in both a one-to-one, private format and in a group setting with seminars and workshops, presented to a number of different organisations across a variety of industries.

Immersed in and passionate about the world of fitness, health and exercise, Diane skillfully relays her core skills across into the corporate environment, with many organisations and individuals experiencing the benefits of her input.

Jane Washbrook  – Food Safety and Hygiene

Jane is a highly qualified and experienced Tutor specialising in Food Safety Courses and Workshops including Quality Management Courses, RSPH and bespoke Training and has worked for Clients including Iceland and Spar. As a microbiologist in both the pharmaceutical and food sector required involvement in quality systems such as ISO 9000 series and HACCP. With experience in a variety of food manufacturing processes which include the soft drinks, dietary, meat and cook-chill industry, required the implementation of HACCP programmes and auditing food safety practices against industry standards such as Efsis and BRC.
Winner of the CIEH/NSF International UK Food Safety Innovation Award 2013 for the  JH FOODSAFEKIT, which helps provide safe food wherever you are!

Associate CIEH,FRSPH,CBiol,MSB


You Train has a base of Trainers, Deliverers and Facilitators to ensure all Training is delivered by Industry competent practitioners.


Emma Roebuck – Training Advisor


Laura Emmons –  First Aid , Health & Safety , In House , Health & Social Care, ChildCare, Mental Health Training 

Gren Roberts –  First Aid Training